A question posed to the PTA:

Hello, I am considering joining the PTA. I had a few questions regarding that.

  1.What are the responsibilities of PTA members?

  2.How many hours of time commitment is required?

  3.What is the difference between a PTA member and PTA volunteer?

Our response:

Thank you so much for asking!  To answer your questions:

1.PTA members do not have any set responsibilities.

2.There is NO required time commitment.

3.A PTA Member is someone who has joined the PTA, and has voting rights at the meetings, and if they wanted, could become an elected member of the board.  They may or may not want to volunteer.  A PTA volunteer is someone who has offered to help with a PTA event or program. Most PTA volunteers are members.  

We organize volunteers to help out at all our events and to serve as grade parents. The PTA is also an advocate for children, influencing state and national policy in education, health and safety. 

There are several General PTA meetings a year, which we encourage, but do not require, you to attend. You will have opportunities at these meetings to vote on policies, budget items, and elections of the PTA Executive committee. We hope you consider becoming a member.  And if you wish to volunteer, please know that you can volunteer as much or as little as you want! There are many opportunities listed on our website.